Should Turkey Become the Eu Member Essay example

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Should Turkey become the EU member? Modern Turkey is located in the territory of central part of former East-Roman empire which sufficiently influenced on formation of European civilization. Nowadays, there are many historical monuments reminding about Greek-Roman colonies and Christian traditions in Turkey. Since the beginning of XX century, Turkey was striving for adoption of the European model of development in all spheres of social life. All of this could be considered as essential criteria for Turkey's accession to the European Union. Nevertheless, different processes in Turkish community illustrate lack of transparency and fair attitude towards traditional, religious, and ethical minorities. Relying on these facts , I believe that …show more content…
27 EU member states and additional 70 million of people will ruin the European Union. Entering Turkey to the EU will bomb the basis of European politics. It is commonly known, that 80 per cent of Turkish area is located in Asia and only 20 in Europe. Nevertheless, Turkey is a country by some parameters oriented to Europe. According to history, the main communication space between Europe, Asia and Africa had been Mediterranean Sea for a long time. Therefore, countries, located in the banks of Mediterranean Sea, were involved in European life and became active members in European world. Considering that fact, the possible accession of Turkey to the European Union will lead to inevitable expansion of the community of the Mediterranean Sea countries, which will claim their European identity and desire to become EU member state. Despite all the arguments against Turkey's accession to EU, there are several important factors that might claim opposite. One of the beneficial claims of Turkey's accession will be free movement. With free entering on Turkish territory, European tourists will visit Turkish resorts more often, which will develop tourism business and efficiently increase GDP of Turkey. Going to Europe without any visa will allow Turkish people to study in European universities and work in foreign companies. Considering that fact, Turkey will be very beneficial for Europe, as it has a huge amount of labor force. In the near future Europe will have

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