Essay about Silas Marner , Literary Analysis

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The Aspects of Parenting in Silas Marner

“Love and Respect are the most important aspects of parenting and of all relationships.” Jodie Foster says. There are no constraints to love In the book of Silas Marner by George Eliot this is very true, all children need love and respect from their parents because all children have a privation of wanting to be loved. In the novel, Silas is a man who is living the life when his best friend William Pane accuses him of stealing from the church and Silas's life is turned upside down. He moves to a village called Ravenloe and becomes a hermit and the desolation of his life now makes him anti-social towards the others living in Raveloe. For living he is a weaver and makes money out of doing so, he
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Eppie made Silas happy just because she was happy because he loved her so much, as if she was his own child. He was always shutting himself out from the rest of the world, and with Eppie she helps him find love and hope into his life, she mitigated his life of sadness just with her appearance. Without Eppie he would still be depressed because Dunsey stole his only love in life, which was his money until Eppie came along. The complacency of now having someone to love is the best gift Silas got replacing his money. He cares for her a lot, and is always trying to be the best parent, just loving her makes Eppie happy, and him.
Dolly has a very singular personality she acts as a mother towards Silas with her show of affection. When Silas first decides to keep Eppie, Dolly is right by his side helping Silas to take care of her. Pleading and convincing, she convinces him to go to church to get Eppie christened (Eliot, 102). It was contingent for him not to go because he was unwonted with the church since he had not been in a while but he wanted to do what was best for Eppie. She also taught Silas different ways to take care of her since she was his first child. Dolly also has her own child, Aaron and takes a lot of care of him too. She is definitely an amazing mother even to Silas who is not her son, she acts like a loving mother who really cares.
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