Sleepwalking Essay

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Intro to psychology
April 15, 2011.
CONSCIOUS AND ITS VARIATION The reason why I choose this topic is I was always fascinated by my dreams and wanted to know why we as human dream. This topic also pulls my interest as to why when I dream of thing and days later the contents I saw in my dream becomes a reality. However my understanding was the only thing that would appear in my dream were events that took place during the day or previous activities that I have encountered. Even though most dream isn’t straightforward the content of the dream is literal though it took place in the unconscious part of the brain. The three topics I will discuss are significance of dreams, parasomnias, dreams and mental activity during sleep.
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I believe that dreaming takes you in a world of its own because some time when I dream it would be in places that I had never been. I had a dream that I was in Paris a few years ago, fortunately I went to Paris in August of two thousand ten and was a bit disappointed because the way I saw Paris in my dream was not the same image I saw when I was there. Some of the building weren’t as beautiful as the ones I saw in my dream, so I do believe that dream sometime become a reality in ones life. Some time I have several different dreams in one night but when this occurred I may only remembered only two if it was of interest in my life and that might be why I remember the ones I did. The Parasomnias of sleep is a topic of interest to me. These diverse collections of sleep disorders are now talk about now than a century ago. People who have these behaviors never spoke about it and if someone in the family has this sleepsex behavior it was never talked about or discuss in the family. People were such ashamed of this behavior that they never seek help or let it be known to others. A person with this behavior is less likely to spend a night at a friend house or even have sleep over at their house. For example what if this person is having a sleep over and the individual began to have this episode of sleep sex, the person on the receiving end is going be belligerent and this can also

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