Social And Personality Development : Cognitive, Social, And Moral Development

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Personality is made up of behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. Social and personality development emerges through the interactions we have with people, our biological influences, and also our understanding of the world, and a sense of who we are as a person. Development does not stop at childhood but continues on throughout adulthood. These three factors are interdependent of one another and do not act alone in the development of social and personality. Besides the genetic contribution to our social and personality development, these are other factors that contribute to an individual’s social and personality development: the type of attachment as a child, the relationships with people we have, temperament and social understanding of emotions, and cognitive and social development of a sense of self. Each individual has a unique personality and researchers in psychology have developed theories to describe the stages of personality development. Many theories researchers came up with, have looked at personality development that include: cognitive, social, and moral development. Jean Piaget’s stages of cognitive development studied the way a child thinks in comparison to an adult, however, some aspects of his theory have been criticized. Piaget explained development as stages, and other researchers would say development is continuous. He also failed to consider social, and cultural aspects that influence cognitive development. Sigmund Freud is another researcher who developed,…

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