Social Media Essay

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Social Media I chose to do my research paper on social media because I have an interest of the many different ways people can interact with each other worldwide. Whether you live in the United States of America, or in the Middle East, there are many ways we can communicate with one another, with social media being the most popular way of doing so. In this paper I will discuss the meaning of social media, as well as the different types of social media one can use, the purpose of using it, the effects it can have on us, and lastly, who owns these social media sites. Social Media can be defined as websites and applications used for social networking and interactive forms of media, that allows users to interact with and publish …show more content…
The most popular of these types of social media sites are Digg and Reddit. One other type of social media is called bookmarking. The most popular of these sites are Delicious and StumbleUpon. These sites allow you to save, organize, and manage links to various websites and resources around the internet. Most of these sites allow you to tag your links to make them easy to search and share. Blog comments and discussion forums are the last type of social media that I will be discussing. Discussion forums allow members to hold conversations by posting messages and are places for online communities to discuss topics of common interest. Posts are organized into related threads around questions and answers, or community discussions. These forums work like a bulletin board: you post a message and return later to see if people have responded. A forum helps create communities around shared interests. Blog comments are similar except they are attached to blogs and usually the discussion centers around the topic of the blog post. A blog is an easy-to-update website or webpage where authors write regular entries in a diary-like format. The most effective and interesting blogs allow readers to engage in conversations with the author and other readers. There are various popular blogs and forums. Now, the purpose of using these social media websites is that of many. It is inexpensive and accessible to anyone who wants to publish or access

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