Social Networking Essay

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Social Networking
A social networking service is a platform to build social networks among people who share common interests, activities, backgrounds or real – life connections. People create user profiles.
Different countries have different names and sites. Such as American based sites are Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, vine, Tumblr and twitter. They are all used worldwide. Other countries have different names and different sites. Some examples of these are in Germany you have skyrock in Spain you have tagged and in Europe you have Myspace.
When it comes to the history of social networking. Social networking began back in 1994-1995 most of the communities focused on bringing people together to interact with each
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It also helps you stay connected with family members that may live in a different city state or even a different country. You may also use social networking to find jobs.
Some other forms of social networking are chat sites. You also have Facebook messenger. Which is just a new age form of chatting. In the late 1990’s early 2000’s you use to have AOL messenger and yahoo instant messenger. When it comes to social network or social media there are many pros and cons. Some of the pros that go along with social networking are as follows: * You get to make connections with people (I believe that is the best pro or reason to have some type of social network) * You can use it to stay up to speed with your friends and family * You can use it professionally. (you could be happy with where you are at in your career. But could know someone who needs a job done or you may need a job done. So you look and ask around on one of the sites and see if anyone you know, knows someone who can get the job done.) * You can create events or send out invites easier. (many sites like Myspace and Facebook allow you to create events and then send out and invite (or rather an Evite))
There are also cons or disadvantages to social networking and they are as follows * People can start rumors * A lot of social media comes from social networking which in turn a lot of it is false because people like to start rumors. * A lot of people begin to

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