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When gene flow between two populations ceases, the potential for _____ exists. Speciation

Bird guides once listed the myrtle warbler and Audubon's warbler as distinct species that lived side by side in parts of their ranges. However, recent books show them as eastern and western forms of a single species, the yellow-rumped warbler. Apparently, the myrtle warbler and Audubon's warbler _____. A) Successfully interbreed and produce fertile offspring successfully interbreed and produce fertile offspring
Imagine that part of a population of South American finches is blown by a storm onto an island far offshore and manages to survive and reproduce there for a period of 10,000 years. After that period, a climate change results in lower sea
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B) Mechanical isolation

Two species of water lilies in the same pond do not interbreed because one blooms at night and the other during the day. The reproductive barrier between them is an example of _____.

A) Hybrid breakdown B) Temporal isolation C) Ecological isolation D) Gametic isolation E) Mechanical isolation

temporal isolation
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Which of the following is an example of a postzygotic reproductive barrier?

A) One species of flower grows in forested areas, another in meadows. B) Two pheasant species perform different courtship dances. C) One species of frog mates in April, but another mates in May. D) The sperm of a marine worm can only penetrate eggs of the same species. E) Two fruit flies of different species produce sterile offspring.

Two fruit flies of different species produce sterile offspring.
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There are two groups of pine trees that appear to be very similar phenotypically and genotypically. However, one releases pollen in January, when the female structures of that group are receptive, and one in March. What kind of reproductive barrier is this?

A) Temporal isolation B) Gametic isolation C) Hybrid inviability D) Mechanical isolation E) A geographic barrier

temporal isolation
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The phylogenetic species concept emphasizes _____.

A) Ecological niches B) The ability to hybridize C) Phenotypic differences D) Common ancestry E) The

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