Stage Fright Persuasive Speech Essay

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Stage Fright Speech Manuscript
Written for a university speech class
Mark: 83%

While some of us feel stronger symptoms than others, it still happens to almost all of us. You practiced your speech to yourself without any issue over the past few days and your time comes to finally get up in front of that special group of people. All of a sudden your hands start to sweat and tremble, your throat dries up and your heart begins to feel like it is going to convulse out of your chest. Next thing you know you are stumbling over your own words and your speech is not going nearly as smoothly as it was the night before. I know what you are thinking; clearly he is talking about glossophobia. I know you are also thinking at least it is better
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Other fears that people commonly think about before public speaking are: the fear of doing something embarrassing, the fear of accidentally repeating yourself or forgetting to say something and the fear of saying something completely off that does not even make sense. Stage fright happens when you focus on yourself and your anxiety, rather than on your presentation or performance. When we become the center of attention the central nervous system is flooded with feelings, sensation and emotional intensity which can feel uncomfortable and overwhelming. When we begin to focus on these feelings and how they feel uncontrollable, many people’s instincts are to do their best to control them. Most people have a tendency to resist and fight anxiety rather than to accept and work with it. It is often seen as a threat, rather than a challenge. You may get so involved in your internal struggle to stop your feelings that it may seem almost impossible to focus at all on the speech itself.

Your body sees this rush of emotions and anxiety as a threatening situation. Its response to this is to quickly release adrenaline and cortisol. That’s right, the two hormones involved in the fight or flight response. Our body cannot distinguish the difference between perceived threats and real threats. It reacts to

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