Essay on Steel Structure Construction

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Chapter 1:
The materials that usually used for construction such as reinforced concrete, timber, brick, and also steel. In Malaysia, the steel has been used especially for the construction of electric tower, industrial building (factory), roof truss, bridge and more. However, the usage of steel for residential is limited because their usage depends on the accompany with the other material. Steel framed structures are designed with the connections between the separate members treated as either non-rigid or fully rigid joints. The frame consists of horizontal beams in both direction and vertical columns called stanchions, usually all standard rolled sections of various sizes, joined together by welding or by bolts with
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So problems can arise in that situation. Regarding the design aspect of the two materials, concrete can take any shape or form while steel has got the highest strength to weight ratio for any construction material.A steel intensive building can have a far shorter in-site project duration period leading to substantial labor cost savings | Cost EffectivenessSteel Buildings are generally prefabricated or pre-engineered i.e they are made in sections and parts. After the completion of these parts and sections, all parts are brought to the construction site and the building is assembled there. Economics for same design. |

Chapter 3:
Factors in selection types of multi-storey structures
3.1 Choice of materials The materials most suitable for the construction of multi-storey structural frames are steel and reinforced concrete. The principal factors influencing the choice between steel and concrete are: a) Site consideration - The availability of materials and labour b) Cost c) Speed of erection d) Design consideration - Size and nature of site

3.1.1 Site consideration Both steel and cement are made under factory conditions and both are subject to British Standards. The strength of steel is controlled and established during manufacture, but concrete is often depending upon strict supervision on a building site. On a large contract effective supervision and the use of carefully controlled batching

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