Strategic Plan Paper

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Altering the Strategic Plan

If the strategy at Riordan does not go according to plan the company will conduct a re-evaluation to determine what the issue is. After evaluation should the organization feel the strategic plan needs to be altered because of inefficiency or goals and objectives are not being obtained then it must change them for the improvement and future of the company. The organization would assess the weaknesses, strengths, strategic competences, and factors critical to the organizations success in determining how to respond effectively to the changes in the relevant environments. Riordan needs to be flexible with the consistent changing environment and be prepared to respond to the changes internally or externally
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New company’s just starting out can use Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated as a benchmark after doing their SWOT analysis and seeing the success, which Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated has achieved (Net MBA Business Knowledge Center, 2010).


The strategic plan plays a major part in a company’s function. This strategic plan made for top management of Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated will ensure the success in this fast-changing business. Middle management will receive the goals and objectives from top management and with good execution from every department Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated will remain the leader in the world as the plastics molding distribution. Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated will do this through advanced research and development by giving the customers new and advanced products. Creating new brand loyalty while keeping the loyalty, which Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated is already known for will create a foundation for following this strategic plan and make its success possible.


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