Essay on Strawberry Dna Extraction Lab

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Strawberry DNA Extraction

Donovan Roberts
Mrs. Caudill
Honors Biology

The structure of DNA is made of nitrogenous bases, phosphate groups, and sugars. These three parts of DNA form hydrogen bonds and create a right-handed double helix. The location of DNA in a eukaryotic cell is found within the nucleus, bound to proteins. DNA can be extracted from within the cell. They are several steps you must take to retrieve DNA from within the cell. When extracting DNA cells can be treated with certain chemicals that cause the membrane to burst. After, the membrane has been busted DNA can be retrieved from the cells. When extracted from a cell DNA appears to be a sticky, clear, algae substance.

If you
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With you tube at eye level, twirl the rod and watch as DNA strand collect.

The final result of the DNA extraction lab was to visualize what DNA strands look like when it is extracted from a cell. The DNA appeared to be a sticky, clear, algae substance Pre-lab Questions- 1. Squish the fruit to break open the cells. 2. Mix in a detergent solution to dissolve the cell membranes. 3. Layer alcohol over the extract to precipitate the DNA. 4. Filter through cheesecloth to separate the particles of the squished strawberry. Lab Questions- 1. Where can DNA be found in the cell?
DNA can be found in the nucleus of a cell. 2. What was the action of soap on the cell? What is the purpose of the soap?
The soap dissolves the cell membranes. The soap is used so that the membrane will be dissolved and DNA can be extracted from the cell. 3. What was the purpose of NACI?
NACI allowed the particles to separate bases on their polarity and charge of the particles. 4. Why was alcohol added to the mixture?
The alcohol allowed the DNA to separate and rise to the top. 5. Describe the appearance of your final product.
The DNA appeared to be a sticky, clear algae substance. 6. Diagram DNA containing nucleotide bases.

DNA can be extracted from a strawberry and form a visible sticky, clear, algae substance. To be able to see the DNA strands you must twirl and spool

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