Strong Interest Inventory Essay examples

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(Strong interest inventory)

Brief Description:
This class is the second in a series of career development sessions during our professional development-1 course. The class started with a small exercise, in which we have to write about what we are going to do if we won a jackpot and we do not have to worry more about money. Following that we started to describe to us about the occupation themes, the personal style scale. In addition, Ms. provided us with our reports regarding the survey which we have completed in the beginning of the semester. Finally, we start discuss if the results from the report do fit our personality and career expectations in the future. Following this I am going to talk about what I learned about myself and about
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The following table shows my themes description: THEME | CODE | INTERESTS | WORK ACTIVITIES | POTIENTIAL SKILLS | VALUES | Social | S | People, Teamwork | Caring for people. counseling | Verbal ability, showing understanding | Cooperative ,generosity, service to others | Conventional | C | Organization, data management | Setting up procedures and systems | Data analysis, finances | Accuracy, stability | Investigative | I | Science, Medicine | Solving abstract problems | Writing, analyzing | Learning, independence |

Basic Interest Scale:
This topic represent topic area that points to different activities, projects or course works, that from the inventory it was found to be of quit motivating and rewarding. I learned two things from this:
1-Those are the topics that I found myself in and will be more motivated to work on such areas.
2-If this area is not in my actual future plan, I might have to take a look and see if they can be considered as future opportunities.

Personal Style Scale:
This is the last part we went through. It provided five different personal styles that can be used in future work environment. Those five styles are: 1- Work Style 2- Learning Environment 3- Leadership style 4- Risk Taking 5- Team Orientation
There are two extremes in each of those styles and depend on your score you will be biased and have a preference for one side against

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