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Situation Analysis
In order to advise Suzanne in the best way, we have compiled the following SWOT analysis, which outlines positives, and negatives that currently revolve her franchise and the current solution that she is proposing to the issue that she is facing with her store.
External Assessment
Environmental and Industry
Strengths: Suzanne’s restaurant is one of the number one fast food companies by sales, thus she is part of a company that has a very strong brand recognition and reputation, it is said that there are over 30,000 McDonalds restaurant in 119 countries
Weaknesses: With the seniors dominating her store she can gain some negative publicity, and this can result in her store being seen as the seniors store and with
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Opportunities: Some opportunities that could result within her store and other possible franchisees stores are that, accommodating for the seniors bingo games would make the opportunity for her to remodeling her store and make it more modern
Threats: Some possible threats are trends towards healthy eating, also with the increase in societal focus on health could reduce the demand at fast food restaurants

Market Strategy
Strengths: McDonalds has an excellent marketing strategy with the plan to always win as their top Strategy: Suzanne is at advantage with the access to this strategy.
Weaknesses: being a part of a franchisee company, if Suzanne decides to implement this new strategy other franchisee could be dissatisfied with this initiative.
Opportunities: This initiative could result in the remodeling of older stores and also global expansion in other countries
Threats: This could result in saturated fast food markets on the developed economies
Problems and Symptoms
Over the years McDonald’s is known for their fast service, customers are expected to buy their food and leave the restaurant, some stay for a little while and chat with their friends, and some does their interview jobs in the restaurant as well. People find that staying in the restaurant is comfortable and relaxing; some

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