Essay on Summary: Interpersonal Effectiveness Psy 180

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Summary: How To Listen Empathetically
Sharon Gaither
Argosy University
Psychology 180: Interpersonal Effectiveness
Professor Erica Wattley
October 10, 2012

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills: Empathy & Empathetic Listening
Empathy is the way you feel or understand another person; it is a deep emotional understanding of a person’s feelings or problems. It is as we often hear people say put yourself in someone else’s shoes. An empathic listener gives the other person his or her undivided attention. When being an empathic listener you have to focus on the words the speaker is saying and not let yourself be distracted. As you focus on what the person is saying, you can respond when needed. If you don’t
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Had I not kept eye contact or nodded the person probably would not have been so open about the topic. Taking in everything that was being said was simple and challenging. The challenges range from deciphering the different feelings of how the person felt at the time, and now, and trying to keep up with the actual problem. Listening is more than just sitting and looking at someone while they talk. Being an active listener I reached out to be physical with the person as well. I showed them that I understood with just placing my hand on them, or a simple rub on their back. When it came to actually talking back and reiterating to the person that I understood it was more challenging because I had to tell the person what I got from what they said and how I felt about the situation at hand. When identifying with the person I had to explain how I felt at the time things happened to me. When being an empathetic listener you have to remember this is not about you. You are taking the time to help someone else. Even when you feel the time to talk to the person and let them know you understand. Choosing the correct words to use is quiet difficult. I found myself using the word “understand” more than anything. While trying to keep it impersonal though, it seemed that I was distancing myself from the person. So I had to find the perfect mixture between putting my situation out to the

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