System Briefing Essay

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System Briefing
By: LaTreena Alexander
April 22, 2013
Augustus Scarlato

Once an employee begins employment with a company he or she must first go through completion of the internship program. During the program the employee has a very important briefing that he or she completed on time, and then presented to the CEO of the company. The guidelines required to complete the briefing assignment consist of the explaining in detail the selection process, and how it was affected by the goals of the organization and stakeholders. The briefing will explain the process needed for selecting and acquiring an information system and how the goals of an organization can drive the selection of the system. The briefing will identify
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An information system is a combination of different data, many processes and loads of information combined together within technology that interact to collect, process, store and provide output for an organization (Wager, K 2009). There are two different types of information systems inside a health care organization that are known as the administrative and clinical systems. The goal of an organization is to find the best system by following the strategic process for selecting and acquiring the information system. Before the organization can implement a new system, and put it to use the key stakeholders that are involved with system implementations have to implement the system, and then it can be put to use by the organization.
There are many stakeholders who are primarily involved in the implementation process that are also known as the key stakeholders: CFO (chief financial officer) controls and manages the budget and all the future expenses, CEO (chief executive officer) is known as the leader of the organization and oversees everything that is implemented and done within the organization. The next key people in line would be the implementation team whose job is to make sure things is in order, and ready to go. The next people involved in the process are the vendors, and their job is to research a system that best fits the buyers’ requirements. The IT group is a very important department because they control daily technical operations and assists

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