Essay on Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6

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Symphony No. 6 – A Palette of Human Emotions
By: Gunnar Moll

Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky is one of the most famous Russian composers. He was born in Votkinsk on May 7, 1840 into a middle class family. His family greatly supported his musical interests. They gave him piano lessons and provided him with the instruction of music theory. Their move to St. Petersburg proved to be a significant milestone is Tchaikovsky’s life. It had set the course for Tchaikovsky's progress and success in the musical world.
From September of 1850 to May of 1859, Tchaikovsky attended the School of Jurisprudence. At this boarding school in St. Petersburg, he received an excellent education and further pursued his interest in music. During this time,
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As a mature composer in 1867, Tchaikovsky produced some of his best works: the Piano Concerto no. 1, Variations on a Rococco Theme for cello, and Swan Lake to name a few. It was also during these years that Tchaikovsky began to struggle more and more with is sexuality. Accepting his supposed orientation, he ironically became effectuated with the Belgain soprano Desiree Artot, claiming that she was the only women he had ever loved. However, their marriage was unsuccessful, leaving Tchaikovsky with feelings of great depression.
It is commonly believed that these negative feelings actually enhanced Tchaikovsky’s creativity. He wrote very long, ambitious works such as his Violin Concerto in D Major which was deemed impossible to play at the time. He extensively traveled throughout Europe to compose and promote new works. He eventually went back to Russia to settle down. There, he was awarded a lifetime pension from the Tsar for writing pieces for him. With financial security, he could turn his attention to cultivating his social skills which he lacked. Although he hated public life, he worked on improving his conducting, teaching, and public speaking.
Tchaikovsky died in St. Petersburg in 1893, nine days after the premiere of his 6th Symphony. His death has been widely attributed to suicide. The rumor goes that a cholera outbreak had polluted the water supply in St. Petersburg. One had to boil the water to

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