Tda 2.9 Essay

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Yasmeen Jan Broadley (CACHE PIN: 30212738)
TDA 2.9 (1.1) policies and procedure of the setting relevant to positive behaviour.

Behaviour policy:
Every individual should feel safe and secure while within the setting, if this is not felt, it may effect how that individual behaves. behaviour policy's and procedure's are put in place to ensure that children/young people feel safe and secure whilst within the setting and so they understand that there is consequence for negative behaviour and that they are rewarded for positive behaviour, this encourages positive behaviour as children and young people strive from receiving praise And adult approval.

Code of conduct (staff):
Children and young people are learning all of the time
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Sanctions are in place to show that there are consequences to unacceptable behaviour. Rewarding for positive behaviour with things such as stamps and stickers, or extra play/break time encourages positive behaviour as it shows that good behaviour has been acknowledged in a positive way.

Children and young people's behaviour often changes in a negative way when things "aren't right", either at home or outside of the home. Understanding when a child or young persons behaviour is linked to their personal well being is important in helping to safeguard that individual. behaviours such as unusual school attendance, Chronic hunger, tiredness, or lethargy or them voicing that they may have to assume adult responsibilities at home, may indicate that their behaviour is negative because of something they are experiencing.
Safeguarding policies and procedures and put in place to ensure the good health and well being of children and young people, which helps to encourage their positive behaviour.

Bullying can have serious negative effects on a child or young person behaviour. A victims of bullying may feel sadness, loneliness, low self-esteem, fear, anxiety and poor concentration. More serious effects can be to self harm, feel depressed, have suicidal thoughts and, in worst cases, even suicide. Bullying has many different form, from verbal abuse to physical harm, it can happen anywhere from in the playground to cyber bullying

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