Essay on Technology in the Security Field

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Technology in the Security Field 7/23/2012 SEC/360

Technology in the Security Field Security and safety is the most important aspects in a security setting. The techniques that officers use to ensure security and safety are enhancing through the advancements in technology. Changes have been significant from the time before computers and the current status of high-tech computers and other technology. The changes have brought both positive and negative effects to security settings; however, the changes have been more positive than negative. Creating a safe and secure environment can create a positive atmosphere for everyone involved, so nothing could be more important than communicating the ways to
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The ever-expanding technology will continue to help the security field make strides to achieve their greatest potential. Typing reports, memos, notes, blue-prints, designing manuals, viewing security video, analyzing sound surveillance more effectively, etc., are just small amount of positive outcomes from computer technology. The overall affect, is the effectiveness of safety and security. The creation of monitoring stations is one positive for safety because the computers allow multiple alarms from multiple companies or residents to sound, which is sent to the station, from which the employees can dispatch police, fire, or EMS right away. Cell phones have increased the quickness in response to alarms, and incidents. They have provided rapid response with the touch of a button. * An examination of the overall negative effects of new technologies on the safety and security field * Although rapid response to incidents, crimes, or injuries can be life saving, the use of cell phones can also hinder an investigation of these situations. Individuals can take pictures of anything and everything at the touch of a button. The cell phones have created a way to show basically live coverage from a crime scene or incident. People can use this for harm or

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