Television Commercials For Fast And Convenience Foods Essay

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Carefully crafted words and images have put America in crisis. All around us are television commercials for fast and convenience foods. We are bombarded with an ever increasing array of technological advancements that require far less effort on our part. Additionally, the pace of our lifestyle in America has quickened substantially. We are trying to squeeze more and more into every day and advertisements are preying on our need to accomplish everything. As a result, obesity has been on the rise for the past 30 years.

Commercials aired on TV are contributing to the rise in obesity (Park 2011). Advertisements have a great effect on us. Most, if not all, advertisements are trying to sell an idea or way of life, instead of just a product. And if we don’t understand what they are really trying to sell, then we could end up falling into the trap and buying their product.

The overarching factor in all advertisements is the design. It’s what pulls us in and drives us to patronize a company or product. Messaging, exposure and color are three key things that will determine what we buy. Without effective package design, advertisement messaging and adequate exposure, most products wouldn’t be sold at the rate that they are.

It’s About the Message

McDonald’s advertisements are notorious for trying to sell a way of life. They want to make a consumer believe that their life will be better if they buy their food. One example of this is from a McDonald’s commercial found on YouTube…

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