Temperature Rates And Biological Activity Of Aquatic Organisms

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Temperature is one of the water characteristic or more precisely one of the physical water parameters. Water temperature affects almost all other water quality parameters. It plays a key role in aquatic life and habitations. Thus, the fluctuation of temperature controls what aquatic kind will live and bloom in the water body. Water temperature can also affect “the metabolic rates and biological activity of aquatic organisms”. Therefore metabolic rates of aquatic organisms is directly proportional with the water temperature increment. As this will be obvious in respiration and digestive rate of the aquatic organisms which will result in increment in Dissolved Oxygen (DO) consumption. Whenever, (DO) falls below the acceptable limits for aquatic organisms, it will become stressed or tends to move to cooler or warmer water which will affect migrating routines. Furthermore, temperature fluctuation can affect aquatic plants throughout respiration and photosynthesis such as algae. Temperature here affects the photosynthetic rates of algae as the temperature increase the photosynthesis will increase too. Also, the bacteria will follow the same pattern and grow more rapidly in warm water than cold water resulting in the decrement of (DO) available amount in a water body producing poor water quality.
Water temperature can affect “solubility of oxygen” as oxygen is more soluble in cold water than warm water. Therefore, (DO) concentrations are reliant on temperature, thus the warmer…

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