Tesco - Management and Financial Information for Decision Making

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Maria del Mar Sanchez: 10044329
Tutor: Geraint Evans

Maria del Mar Sanchez: 10044329
Tutor: Geraint Evans

Contents INTRODUCTION 2 INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL USERS 3 Customers 3 Competitors 3 Shareholders² 4 Managers 4 Suppliers 4 Employees 5 OBJECTIVES 6 Maximize shareholders wealth 6 Growth 6 Satisfaction 7 Profit maximization 7 Maximize sales 7 Ratios Analysis 9 Return on Shareholders’ Funds (%) 9 Return on Capital Employed (%) 10 Stock Turnover (x) 11 Current and liquidity ratio (x) 12 Gearing (%) 12 BUDGETING 14 CONCLUSION 17 REFERENCES 18

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They are the most important supporter the company has, that’s why it is necessary to build a good relationship between them and the organization.
Seeing striving financial information and positive decision making is they key way to get shareholders interested.
Tesco has shown on an online website how they maintain a good dialogue with shareholders through proactively organizing meetings and presentations as well as responding to wide range of enquires and giving the option to them to receive a full Annual Report and Financial Statements.

The management team concentrate on planning and setting goals. For a company like Tesco is it essential to have good communication and strong roles between all management in order to have a strong and working team.
These people are in charge of making important company decisions and the future of the company is in their hands. As the financial statement is so important, this is always at the top of the managers list of things to look at before making any decisions.
It is stated on the Tesco website that their management teams ensure that their stores deliver to the highest standards, and customer-driven values are what has made them such a success story today.

Tesco seeks to find the lowest prices with the same high quality for its customers, and they do this by using to correct supplier for the specific item or product, also purchasing items

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