Testing the Effects of Radiation on Plants Essay

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The purpose of this lab was to see if radiation has an effect on the cultivated radish seeds that we used. From the observed data that we collected, we were able to conclude that when seeds are exposed to radiation, it affects how they grow, if there is any growth at all.

Introduction Radiation is an important environmental abiotic factor for plants, and one small section of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum, is called the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), provides the energy to drive the light reactions of photosynthesis. Such radiation damages biological tissues by detaching electrons from the atoms that make up organic molecules. The results include radiation poisoning, cancer, and elevated mutation
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Results Flaming Novas Plant Growth Table Control 50 mrads 150 mrads 500 mrads
Seeds: 09/18 5 cm NG 3.9 cm 2 cm Seeds: 09/25 10.5 cm NG 6 cm 6.4 cm
Seeds: 10/02 13.5 cm NG 6 cm 6.7 cm

Table 2: Test of Normality using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test (N is greater than 50) Results are considered normal if p-value is greater than alpha level (0.05).
Radiation Test Statistic Df p-value Result
Control 0.060 96 0.20 Significant
50 mRAD 0.107 77 0.028 Not significant
150 mRAD 0.087 89 0.090 Significant
500 mRAD 0.115 84 0.008 Not significant
Not all radiation levels were normal, so all data is considered not normal or non-parametric.

Figure 1: Showing height of plants over three weeks of growth under radiation.
For the first week of growth, the control (non-irridiated) was at a height of about 5 centimeters, second week about 10.5 cm, and last week at final height of 13.5 cm. The 50- mrad for all three weeks had no growth. The 150-mrad was at a height of about 3.9 cm, and for week two and three stayed at 6 cm. The 500-mrad was at 2 cm for the first week, the second week was at 6.4 cm and for the third week at 6.7 cm. The control and radish seeds were all placed in a tray with one pellet of fertilizer and about the same amount of potting soil and was sprayed with water by the lab assistants on a daily basis. And once a week the same member from the Flaming Novas would measure the

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