Essay on That Was Then This Is Now Book Summary

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That Was Then, This is now
By S.E. Hinton

Journal #1: Chapter 1:

That Was Then, This is Now is quickly becoming an intriguing novel. In Chapter one, we only meet a few characters; Bryon; who is the main protagonist, Mark; who is Bryon’s best friend and lives with him and his mother. M&M; who is a friend of theirs, Charlie; who is a bartender, Curly; who is in a gang, and Tim; the leader of the “Shepard Gang.” Bryon is 16 years old, and plays the biggest role in the novel. He’s good at pool, loves to fight, has a baby-face, dark hair, and is a pretty big guy. Mark Is 15 years old and lives with his “brother,” Bryon. He’s a good wrestler, strong, small and compact, has golden eyes and golden hair. Although, Mark’s a
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Towards the end of the night. Bryon finds out that Mark was smashed by a beer bottle just outside the school. Mark was defending his friend Curtis from some dude who happened to be good friends with Angela to hurt him. Angela wasn’t too fond of Curtis. Mark was rushed to the hospital and got ten stiches in his head, but fortunately returned home safe that night. So far, I’ve noticed that M&M was jumped, Mike Chambers was beat up, and Mark got smashed by a beer bottle. I think that Bryon might get hurt soon.

Journal #4 Chapter 4:

Finally in Chapter four, we figure out who Terry is. Terry is 16 years old, short, round, and he’s a real nut. Chapter four is interesting because we start to see the real sides of some people. While Mark spends days in bed, Bryon spends his time sticking to his side. He reads to him, because Mark can’t read very well, and they have a lot of brother bonding talk. They talk about their past, present, and wonder about the future. This may be the last time we see something like this. When Mark returns back to school he gets caught hot-wiring the principals car. Like always, he somehow got out of this sticky situation, but Bryon’s starting to get frusteratd with Mark’s terrible behaviour. When Mark attempts to explain himself, Bryon tells him to “shut up,” which can change everything! This novel is going to change, and I predict that Mark and Bryon are going to drift

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