Essay on The Art of Delegation

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The Art of Delegation: Five Behaviors of Effective Delegators
Ben F. Soares, Zoua Yang, Thomas Manning, Ziad Shamma
September 13, 2013
James Sternieri

The Art of Delegation: Five Behaviors of Effective Delegators
Managers of companies of all varying sizes often will have multiple tasks to perform. Good managers need to decide which tasks they will perform themselves and which tasks will be delegated to others. When managers delegate assignments they must be aware of the five behaviors used by effective delegators. These behaviors are as follows: 1. Clarify the assignment 2. Specify the employee’s range of discretion 3. Allow employees to participate 4. Inform others that delegation
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Because the project needs to be completed by the end of the month, Ricky Lee needs to make sure Bill understands the time constraints. The clarification of the project should be done in person, through a meeting with all the stakeholders, and followed up with an e-mail that summarizes the meeting.
Specify the range of discretion
Ricky Lee needs to communicate to Bill what his authoritative constraints are regarding this project. Ricky Lee must also determine if Bill should have the authority to delegate part of this project to others. Questions and clarifications regarding the project should be addressed directly to Bill, but ultimately, Ricky Lee and Anne will review, and make the final decisions. Ultimately, Bill must have enough authority to complete this project effectively, but enough constraints should be put in place to monitor Bill, so that he does not exceed his authority.
Allow all employees to participate
Ricky Lee should allow Bill and any other employees involved in this project to make suggestions regarding how to complete the procedures manual. Ricky Lee must be aware of Bill’s own self-interests and biases, and use this knowledge to evaluate how Bill and other employees involved in the project, create the manual. Allowing Bill and other employees to participate in how to complete this project will empower and motivate them; leaving everyone believing that they are part of the process, instead of another cog in the wheel.

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