The Art Of Grocery Shopping On A Food Stamp Budget : Factors Influencing The Food Choices Of Low Income

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Health care professionals are alerted by the increasing pace of health related problems facing individuals with low-income; particularly among women. For women with low income, purchasing healthy food has been an issue, as most women are forced to go for quantity over quality. Due to the situations, women with low income find themselves, purchasing unhealthy food is associated with weight gain and in some cases of obesity, heart attack, as well as diabetes, has been reported to be associated with low income. To deliver a concrete understanding of how low income affects the food selections prepared by women, the author of this theme will be critiquing a research conducted by Wiig & Smith, (2008) titled; the art of grocery shopping on a food stamp budget: Factors influencing the food choices of low-income women as they try to make ends meet. The main reason for reviewing this research is to critique the method utilized in gathering information, data management and analysis, protection of human participants and implications involved in the research as well as learn how the information’s provided contributes to nursing practice. (Edelman, Mandle, & Kidzma, 2016).
Protection of human participants
The survey was carried on in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Minnesota, USA. Participants gave informed consent and voluntarily joined the research after seeing posted flyers sent out by the researchers, receive reimbursement in cash for their time spent during the survey. Plumping…

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