Essay about The Big City

889 Words Feb 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
The Big City is his people, places and surroundings, which give a breath of fresh air to every citizen. But is it such a good experience as it seems? Although the city environment is surrounded by a lot of things to do, such as watching a movie, drinking a hot coffee in a cold day, walking through the park, going to a gym or having parties, sometimes, people who live in cities want to get in contact with our nature, feel the sun in their faces, watch a sunset in the comfort of their house while they’re making a hot chocolate or having dinner with their families, this is where the countryside is relevant too, his big extensions of ground covered with a very light and green grass, gives a delight for everyone who touch these lands. This should be one of the many reasons about why some people use to live in cities and why others prefer to wake up and hear the cockcrow. This essay is going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of it. First of all, one word, entertainment, a city includes inside the schedule of city dwellers a different kind of activities and places to reach, such as movie theaters, museums, art galleries, parks, concerts, restaurants and stores. Although the city has very big gamma of things to do, however, it does not provide the green areas and the very big farms, lands that countryside has within his surroundings. Countryside’s entertainment is very specific, having it, most likely, in holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas.…

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