The Blindside: Contrast between the Lives of the Tuohys and Michael

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Film techniques
How do the above elements show the differences between Michael's and Tuohy's world?
Mise en Scene mean all the elements of a shot which helps to convey a message to the viewer. The elements are setting, costume, location, lighting/colour and film techniques.

Michael Oher’s World

Tuohy Family’s World

Memphis, Tennessee
17 year old
Foster care/ward of the state
Mother has drug addiction problems and cannot raise Michael (ward of the state)
Sleeps on the couch
Has no clothes
Exposed to violence/danger

Big houses
Safe neighbourhood
Family unit: mum, dad, son & daughter
Plenty of food (thanksgiving)
Buy Michael a car
Give Michael
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There are unemployed youths hanging around, smoking or playing cards.
It is not a safe and good place for a young person to grow up in.

Tuohy’s neighbourhood has manicured lawns, kids selling lemonade, big houses, mum walking with a baby in the pram and bike riders
The setting emphasised that it is a good and safe place to raise a family.

The people from Michael's neighbourhood are poorly dressed and smokes and gambles
People from Leanne's world are dressed nicely and neatly.


The lighting used is dark and dim, with grey and dull colours. Their life is dark and they spend their time playing cards and indulge in bad activities like drinking, gambling , violence and stealing
The lighting used is bright and cheerful, the colours are warm and bright
They do healthy activities like sports, riding a bike
Most people hold proper jobs

Film techniques

Michael told Leanne to lock her door when he visits her mother
In Leanne's neighbourhood, the basketball's boxes are not locked.
Leanne has to say that there is a gun in her bag.
Michael says that "he has got her back" when they went shopping for Michael's clothes.
The director uses a close up shot of Leanne holding her bag with two hands

The director in a scene of violence selects flash backs to Michael’s past – a scene of sadness, trauma, and despair. This shows his environment is unsafe
Leanne's children goes to private schools and have beautiful homes

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