The Blindside Essay

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Blacks vs. Whites: Michael Lewis’s accurate portrayal of racism in America through his
Biography The Blindside.

Mike Ballou
February 11, 2011
English 2 CPE-Mrs. Manzo
Research Report
“An eight year old girl in South Africa recently told Ted Koppel on Nightline, ‘White people are better then black people, I wish I was white but I am not’” (Racism in America’s Schools). This statement is believed to be true by many people. People all over the world feel hatred or dislike toward a certain group of people for no apparent reason, other than because they are different from themselves. Michael Lewis wrote the biography The Blindside that captures the issue of racism through an athletic black man’s life. In his biography, The Blindside,
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Clearly, this demonstrates how racist Leigh’s father was because he could not even enjoy his own daughter’s wedding because there were black people in attendance. He also raised Leigh to be just as racist as he was: the novel notes, “Her father, a United States Marshall based in Memphis, raised her to fear and loathe blacks as much as he did” (Lewis 67). It is evident that he passed on his racist attitudes throughout her upbringing. His dislikes of blacks changed the way she perceived them. Leigh understood how her father was and stated, “I was raised in a very racist household” (Lewis 68). Leigh knows that her feelings about blacks were changed because of her upbringing. Undoubtedly, a parent’s racial attitude may easily be passed on to his or her children. In addition, Lewis also accurately displays that there is still racial segregation to this day. Research shows that many places still segregate. In Montgomery, the black and white students have different proms, Corbett wrote “Racially segregated proms have been held in Montgomery County almost every year since its schools were integrated in 1971”(A Prom Divided). It is apparent that segregation is still a major problem; the students want to have prom together, but the parents won’t let them. Famous affluent blacks have offered to pay for the prom if it is integrated, yet the white parents still say deny an interracial prom (A Prom Divided). The parents are so racist and have such

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