The Case of Jesus Gonzolez Essay

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Teaching cases provide teachers an opportunity to discuss solutions for authentic, detailed accounts of events that encourage them to reflect and explore critical issues and then develop meaningful responses. (Taylor, S. & Whittaker, C. 2009) Teachers can learn in a more thoughtful and reflecting manner when given the opportunity to analyze a case and evaluate what actions others have taken when faced with the issues these cases present. (p. 69) It allows teachers to put themselves in the classroom in a virtual sense and look beyond their own preconceptions and face issues that are occurring all over the country.
In the teaching case of Jesus Gonzalez, there are several problems that present themselves
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At this point she reaches out to the school social worker, Mr. McIntyre, who is familiar with the family history. He explains that his parents make only minimum wage, but are provided with a trailer for free. They hope to buy a home of their own someday. They came from Mexico looking for a better life, including a proper education for Jesus. However, they are worried about the influence of the United States’ culture. Although the parents remind him to do his homework, they also tell him if he fails he will have to live in Mexico tending cows and work in the fields all day. (p.85)
Several problems are causing the failure of Jesus in school. The main Issue is the different perspectives and expectations of each individual involved. The communication between all parties is nonexistent. Jesus is not getting the differentiated education he needs to succeed and Mrs. Kniffen has had no experience in working with someone like Jesus. Finally, there is a lack of connection between available community services and the school. (p.88)
The first goal described in the case is improving communication through strategies that encourage communication between the family, social worker and teacher. All parties agree that Jesus’s education is very important and that is a good starting point to help communicate and agree on appropriate strategies to help Jesus.

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