The Coral Reefs Are Anthozoans. Scientists Classify Them As Animals

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Coral reefs are Anthozoans. Scientists classify them as animals. They are the largest class of organisms in the phylum cnidarian. There are more than six thousand species. Coral reefs are communities of living things. They are known as the “rainforests of the oceans.” This is because there are sea slugs, oysters and many other creatures living there. Corals are animals related to anemones and jellyfish. They extend their tentacles to sting. A polyp is an individual coral consisting of a stomach with a tentacle-bearing mouth. Thousands of them live together forming a colony. Sponges are one of the earliest animals in the coral reef. They appear in a lot of different shapes and colors. They provide shelter for many of the sea life such as shrimp, crab, fish and many other small creatures.
There are a variety of worms in the coral reef, including polychaetes and flatworms. Another name for flatworms is planarians. Flatworms are in the crevices or everywhere that there is water. There are more than 8000 polychaetes. Some Polychaetes are in the coral skeletons. They have many names such as clam worms, bristle worms, lugworms, feather duster worms, sea mice, palolo worms and many others. Individual coral reefs are formed by many marine plants and animals. This is through a process of slow deposition and accumulation of limestone removed from seawater. Stony corals and coralline red algae grow among the coral colonies. Limestone is used for the outer part of coral polyps…

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