The Crucible: Abigail to John - Creative Essay

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My Dearest John,

Once you lay eyes upon this letter, I have far departed from Salem. My returning of avoiding the chaos I have stirred upon Salem is yet unknown. May it merely be days, weeks, months or years before reappearing, my unfathomable adoration towards you will reside in my lone heart eternally. I do not beseech for a letter in return, as my decision to conceal my dwelling place will remain as it is. Please do not endeavor to locate me, as this is very reason I headed off without a bid of farewell.

Everything from the beginning was done for eliminating that woman from our lives. I know you love me John, and I love you dearly too, but with such a despicable woman by your side who takes every chance to separate us
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That’s why I had to devise of a plan to free you from such a woman, and this is when God gave me the chance of stumbling across Mary.

Knowing that it was a chance from God, I had to take it within my hands and make the best of it. Clutching in Mary’s hand was a straw doll, and as I slowly filled her with questions, she slowly answered them with detail. It wasn’t long before she filled me with answers pleasing to my ears, and with this, I took the opportunity to frame Goody Proctor as a witch. Yes, it was me who stuck the needle into myself – 1 inch deep – don’t think I did it for nothing, I planned all this out just for you. Enduring the pain to get rid of this ridiculous woman that you name your wife was by all means the most beneficial act I could have performed. Oh John, how I long to be with you, nothing will surpass my love for you.

Having power is such a remarkable possession – something Goody Proctor will never attain. Everyone believed me, and being young made Danforth think I was innocent – what a fool of him. Though, please do not think wrong of me, as you’re the trigger to all my actions. If anyone was wrong, it would’ve been you. Just? Since when was anything just? Justice claims nothing but idiocy. If I confessed to my acts in the forest, I would be claimed as nothing but a witch. Yet, if I lied, then what everyone believes is a lie. Both outcomes will still be unjust, so why would I be an idiot to confess to my acts and

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