Essay on The Effects Of Food On The Food Industry

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We are what we eat, so knowing where exactly our food comes from is crucial. When it comes to food, what are we really eating? These questions have sparked my interest in the food industry and how food goes from production to your plate. Chickens, cows, pigs, and other farm animals are subject to abuse in these meat farms. Many never get to live outdoors and most of them are usually forced to live in tiny cages or warehouse floors without even seeing daylight. Chickens and pigs are crammed into small cages that often bruise or break the animals’ bones and allow them very little space to move. These cramped conditions also allow the spread of disease to quicken as the animals are being exposed to feces and metallic poisoning. E. Coli and salmonella thrive in these conditions and the bacteria is passed through meat and dairy products.
To contain and battle the bacteria, the farm animals are given huge amounts of antibiotics. This abuse could allow the development of drug-resistant to leave traces of bacteria to be created and spread across many organisms. The injections of hormones and antibiotics are also very undesirable as we’ll eventually eat those chemicals; remember, you are what you eat. Growth hormones cause some chickens to grow abnormally large in body mass and the weight of their own bodies to increase, making the chickens crush their own legs from the quick weight gain. I believe the way that these animals are being treated before being butchered is horrible.

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