The Effects Of Soil Formation On Organic Farming Systems Essay

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Introduction There is a handful of aspects that go along with healthy soil such as nutrients essential to plants, beneficial microorganisms, and organic additives important in organic farming systems because of the integration of biodiversity; allowing overall healthier lifestyles to all individuals willing to take initiative. The health of the soil is represented by the health and rigor of the plants growing within it. Organic farming is not only beneficial for the earth’s surface but it is also
Defining Soil
Soil is a complex medium so much more than just a pile of crushed up rock. It takes thousands of years to form and goes through many processes for the many layers to accumulate. The very first step of soil formation begins with the bottom-most layer which consists of parent material or bare rock. This rock breaks down over time to form the next layer which is the weathered parent material layer. This consists of broken down rock through natural processes such as rain, wind, floods, and even lichens which are organisms that secrete acid onto bare rock and break it down over time (Withgott & Laposata, 2015, p. 77). The following layer is the leaching layer and this is the layer where water and nutrients flow through with ease, escaping from the upper layers of the soil. Above the leaching layer is the most diverse and active part of the soil called the topsoil and atop that is the organic litter layer. Most soils differ in these two layers depending on the…

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