Essay The Effects Of Unhealthy Food On People Today And Obesity

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When everything a person needs can be so easy to obtain its hard to notice just how much quality is being put into the high quantity of product we are able to receive. This is especially true when it comes to the food that Americans eat. Although much of American society believe that they can trust food companies to sell them a quality product it can be nearly impossible for people to know what exactly is being given to them and whether or not it is actually good for them. This can be pointed out as a leading factor in the fight between people today and obesity.
Unhealthy food is putting Americans at risk of obesity which can lead to even deadlier diseases. At first glance, the easy to make and affordable food may seem like the best option for someone who is looking for a good quick bite to eat, but because of the combination of lack of knowledge and lack of information available people become more susceptible to health problems caused by this food over time. According to Fred Hassan, in his paragraph from, The Experts: What Role Should Government Play in Combatting Obesity, “Encourage a minimal level of health literacy during the early grades at school. Require institutions and restaurants to list calories, sugar, fat, protein and fiber (versus U.S. daily requirements) on all items. Publicize those organizations who do a good job” Obesity is the last thing one would want for them selves let alone family and children. Adults need to be more responsible for what they are…

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