The Elk Population Essay

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Systems, or networks of interdependent components, function in cycles, so each component or element of the cycle can influence another. Feedback loops are the increase (positive loops) or decrease (negative loops) in a process or component and the fluctuation of any element of the cycle with affect the whole. Different loops interact within ecosystems and create what is referred to as “dynamic equilibrium.” In an elk population, if there is an abundance of elk being born and continuing to reproduce, it will create a healthy and large population, which is a positive feedback loop. The elk provides nutrition for people and other animals, including wolves or coyotes; so excess elk can be helpful to provide caloric energy for other animals (positive feedback loop). However, if the elk population increases indefinitely, it can also diminish the elk’s own food supply because the demand exceeds the supply and therefore removes vital nutrients for other them and will significantly decrease the elk population, but also for animals such as rabbits (negative feedback loop).
2. Define species, population, and biological community. A species is all organisms of the same kind, meaning the creatures are genetically compatible and are able to make viable offspring, which can thrive and reproduce. A population is all the members of a species living in one area or region at one time. Finally, a biological community is all the populations living and interacting in one area or region.
3. What…

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