The Ethics of Surrogacy Essay

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The Ethics of Surrogacy There is controversy surrounding the concept of surrogacy in the United States. There is nothing in federal legislature the addresses the issue directly. Different States have different laws concerning surrogacy. Some forbid it and some enforce surrogacy contracts in court. Finding a surrogate mother, for some is their last chance to have a child that is biologically their own. There are people that believe that surrogacy is morally wrong for several reasons. I believe that if it is done properly then it can be a blessing for a family that would not have been able to have their own children, otherwise.
There is documentation of people using surrogate mothers as far back as the old testament of
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This is being compared to using cheap foreign labor, such as sweat shops in order to make more money. In this case the parents are using the body of a foreign, poverty stricken woman in order to save money. If you look at it this way it does seem exploitative and it could be sacrificing the dignity of both the mother and the child. The dignity of the mother is exploited by viewing her as nothing more than an employee working for wages (Flashing, 2008). According to Sarah Flashing, (2008) the woman’s womb is being viewed as a piece of factory equipment that is used over and over for the production of a product. She feels that this type of exploitation shows a lack of respect for humanity.
In India, surrogacy may be exploiting the poor, but I do not believe that is the case in the United States. In the United States most surrogate mothers and their intended parents are in the same social class. Many surrogate mothers and their husbands are employed in positions of public service, such as school teachers and police officers. Surrogate mothers are required to already have children of their own and be over the age of 21. Surrogacy agencies and lawyers will not work with potential surrogates that are at or below the poverty line in order to avoid the accusations of exploitation (Information on Surrogacy, 2008-2011).
As far as surrogacy

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