The Extinction Of Animals And Living Organisms Essay

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The extinction of animals and living organisms is something most humans do not put into perspective, possibly until it’s almost too late. For example, humans don 't realise that their everyday lives are build around these creatures; what we eat, how we breathe, and how our world develops. I myself never thought about a world without whales, manta rays, tigers, plankton and owls and how important they are in my life until I came across the documentary Racing Extinction and the book Sustaining Life.... This new documentary shows examples of the harmful effects that humans cause on the world. Things like climate change, black market sales and the vanishment of animals, has sent the 220 countries the documentary aired in, in an uproar. Although extinction is a natural occurrence in the world, I would argue that with the rate humans are setting, planet Earth is a ticking time bomb. According to Eric Chivian and Aaron Bernstein, the editors of the book Sustaining Life: How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity, “Extinction is a natural way of life that should be happening at a natural rate of about five species per year. Scientist estimate with the rate of today were losing 1,000 times more species than the natural rate, losing them by the day” (Chivian, E. Bernstein, A). With the increasing speed of extinction rates and climate change, it does not only affect species across the world but also has a major effect on all humans as well. Chivian and Bernstein explain how humans…

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