The First Habit Is Being Proactive Essay

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The first habit is being proactive. Being proactive is good because teenager could take control of their action and determine how exactly life is going to be treating them. For example, if you were to do something bad you would get a consequence. If you were to do something good, then life would treat you fair and give you something fair, but it all depends on your action. Being proactive could lead to success in the future. There is also an opposite of proactive, which is called reactive. Being reactive is a bad thing because you show off an attitude that could represent your personality, which is bad. For example, if you were at work and say if your boss wasn’t such a jerk things could’ve been different. Think of it like proactive is good, and reactive is bad.

The second habit is beginning with the end of mind. Beginning with the end of mind defines your mission and goals in life. Everything starts off with something like a blueprint is required before building a house. You can apply this to our life because you could think of our life as a crossroad full of options to choose from. The path you choose will affect your future. Starting with the end of mind is very important as you see because if you choose something good to start off you can end up good in the future. It is also important to decide your future or it will determine it for you.

The third habit is put first things first. Doing first things first is important because if you don 't do important things first…

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