Essay on The Folk Hero Johnny Appleseed

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Tree(s) of Life The folk hero Johnny Appleseed is known for planting hundreds of trees across the North American frontier, but few know that this story is more fact than fiction. His real name was John Chapman, and for forty years he traveled from Philadelphia to Ohio, scavenging apple seeds from cider mills which he would eventually plant in scattered locations across the country (Means 82). Thanks to certain homestead acts which considered his trees to be land stakes, it is estimated Chapman controlled over twelve hundred acres of land by the time he died, each acre holding as many as a hundred apple trees (Means 81). Little did Mr. Chapman know, however, that every tree he planted would fix up to two kg of carbon dioxide per hour during photosynthesis, at the same time creating enough oxygen to sustain about ten humans every year (Thomas 13). While Mr. Chapman’s intentions were mainly focused around the fruit, the trees themselves have been considerably more valuable to humans and our world as a whole. Trees are a necessary component in the sustainability of life on Earth, and any progress the beloved Johnny Appleseed may have had in their planting has been dramatically dwarfed by today’s level of global deforestation. While some tropical countries and private landowners fear that it threatens their freedom to cultivate their own land, a global forest management organization is needed in order to maintain the balance of nature and prevent the further degradation of our…

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