The Graduate Essay

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Doug Noll
Instructor Derrick
Art 105, Film as Art
October 5, 2009
Critique 1

The Graduate

"The Graduate" is a great film, with Dustin Hoffman, playing Benjamin (Ben) Braddock, the epitome of the confused and isolated young adult male. Ben is confused about where his life is heading, he fumbles for an answer whenever one of his parents' friends asks him "what are you going to do next?" He stares mournfully into his fish tank, perhaps likening himself to the fish dwelling within it. He is trapped in this glass cube. This movie is for anyone who’s ever wondered what he or she are going to do with their future. Not a classic love story, “The Graduate” is a coming of age film. You can see that by the different types of love portrayed
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Ben is awkward at best, Mrs. Robinson convinces Ben to drive her home, not sure what he was doing Ben was under her spell, lust had entered Ben’s life and even if he did not know what to do he was compelled to take the next step to manhood. One of the best examples is how she manipulates Ben into her house, telling him she feels “funny about coming in to a dark house, “ then she just did not want to be alone in the house. Then Ben finally gets it when he asks Mrs. Robinson “Mrs. Robinson - you are trying to seduce me .... Aren't you?” We all know that yes that is what she wanted, later after she lures him up to her daughter Elain’s room she bluntly tells him “if you won't sleep with me this time I want you to know that you can call me up anytime you want and we'll make some kind of an arrangement.” After Ben thinks about this for a while he decided to take the next step and call Mrs. Robinson. Ben is now caught between to worlds. One scene that particularly struck me was when he was holding the door open at the Taft Hotel. Behind him, young, formally dressed couples are gathering for a prom. The hotel is also filled with well dressed elderly couples. As Ben opens the glass lobby door of the hotel to enter, he must hold it open so that a long string of elderly guests of a different generation can exit. When they have passed and before he can enter, a group of prom-goers race by him into the hotel, obviously, he cannot identify with either the older or the younger

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