Essay on The Impact Of Vertical Farming On The Environment

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“You can 't make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural, and enjoyable.” (Deepak Chopra)5 The environment plays an enormous factor whether an innovation is introduced or not. The effects an innovation has on the environment can either make or break the entire project. If the effects are negative, then it is likely the project will not reach it’s next stage. However, technology is a brilliant thing. Many people in todays society do not look past cell phones or the internet, and therefore do not realize that technology can actually help the environment. Fortunately, engineers have created many innovations that can alter how things are done, and in turn improve the quality of the environment. Vertical farming is a food growing technique that although designed by indigenous people in South America, has been revealed to all by American geologist Gilbert Ellis Bailey in 1915. (EnviroIngenuity) Solar Panels are a neat invention created within the years 1950-1954, by Gerald Pearson. It allows the option of using burning fossil fuels to be eliminated, which in the long helps the environment, in turn helping the air quality that humans intake. Water treatment plants are an incredible innovation that allows water to be reused by purifying it before the next use. There are also disadvantages to technology. This could include knowing certain applications that could aid in a specific field, however are unable to attain…

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