Essay on The Importance Of A Living Organism All Living Things

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All known living things are compose of cells, to be consider a living organism all living things must show the complete list of properties of life, which are: Order is maintained and increased through the expenditure of energy reproduction which is not essential for survival of individual living things but must happen for species to survive; growth when life form gets bigger as quantity of cells increases; development refers to changes in the organism which occur through its life span;
All living things use energy for growth development and reproduction
Stimulus something which causes an organism to react and finally adaptation, life changes or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment.
According to “The most important parts of a cell are the nucleus, cytoplasm, and cell membrane, the nucleus contains a nucleolus and it separates it from cytoplasm by the nuclear envelope”; the nucleus also decides what cells need and uses DNA to print out instructions for the remainder of the cell to produce that need. All cells come from other cells that have divided to make genetically identical cells to the parent cells in a process called cell division.
“During cell division, it is essential that DNA remains intact and evenly distributed among the cells” Chromosomes are an important key to the process of DNA being replicate and distributed to majority of the cells. On the other hand, the translation…

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