Essay about The Importance Of A Virtual Team Performance

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Research has found that time zone confusion has created a big challenge in coordinating team members in different geographical areas and hindering the decision-making activity. Hambley, O 'Neill, and Kline 's [2007]. Members located in different time zones and it often become difficult to get all team members at given time to share important information and assign tasks. This creates delay in responses and communication may be down (Kankanhalli, Tan & Wei, 2007; Ebrahim, Ahmed & Taha, 2009; Siebdrat, Hoegl & Ernst, 2009)
Performance Issue
Research has found that (Hoegl and Proserpio, 2004) working remotely negatively affects performance and a global virtual team are less effective to effectively function as compared to traditional teams and thus unable to utilize their potential. The absence of face to face interaction, communication breakdown and lack of trust may have some input for virtual team performance.
A study conducted on a number of virtual software development team around the world concluded that one key factor in guaranteeing performance in a virtual team is the lack of effective team process and task process that ensure each member is contributing fully and increase the cohesion of the group coordinate work and facilitate communication among members. According to the study, the lack of proper task process especially very deterrents in the performance of dispersed teams. Those required process essential building block for team management, the dispersed nature…

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