The King's Speech Essay

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Gp[;’666“I am very afraid [sir], that your greatest test is yet to come.” The King’s Speech (2010) presents a protagonist driven by a sense of duty. What kind of ‘victory’ does Hooper suggest trough the staging of his final speech?

A victory is a triumphant action of achieving a goal or defeating an enemy. Whether this enemy be another country or a personal fault, an achievement is significant in it’s own way. The King’s Speech (2010) is a story of an under confident and family oppressed King (Bertie) who is victorious over his speech impediment. However it is not only his impediment that he triumphs. Through lighting and shadows, the viewer comes to recognize that his victory is on a more personal level then just over coming a bad
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The man who has oppressed and driven all confidence out of Bertie and essentially caused his impediment is still standing above him even after death. Bertie looks to him and a feeling of failure comes into play. He is presented now with the test of proving he is worthy enough to be a king. Not just to prove his father wrong but also to show himself that he can lead his country and stand above all who don’t believe him.
The end of the movie is where Bertie is seen to have conquered all these tests. As fellow officials greet him they stand equal to him, not towering above him or staring down upon him, equal. Bertie has proved his worthiness of his authority. He has been victorious over his confidence. When it comes to reading the war speech Bertie again stands tall with a window next to his side. A beautifully elegant and patterned wall is placed behind him, although this time there is space between him and the wall. He has been victorious over his confusion and close mindedness. Hooper through composition presents Bertie as a man standing tall and ready. He is a completely new man to who he was. He has become victorious over who he once was, an oppressed and pessimistic man. Now he is a King that is the voice of hope. He talks about war whilst conquering his challenges. Whilst talking almost fluently, the camera shows his face through the blurred microphone. He is not talking into the microphone but to his country.

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