Essay about The Lonely Good Company Of Books By Richard Rodriguez

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In the essay, “ The Lonely Good Company of Books,” by Richard Rodriguez,he mentioned to his readers in the very beginning that he was not big reader as a child. Rodriguez writes,” I knew my mother and father could read and write in both, Spanish and English(293).” He also mentions,” their reading consisted of work manuals, prayer books, newspapers, and recipes(Rodriguez 293).” From what Rodriguez writes we can gather that reading was not used very much in his house hold. The lack of reading to the Rodriguez house was the very opposite of mine. When I was young there was a book with me wherever I went. Reading was a big deal to me as a child because it made me feel smart and I thought I was cool because of it. As Rodriguez got older he learned to love to read, however I stopped reading almost completely. Reading meant a great deal when I was a youngster and starting out, but it changed very quick after being forced to read, and being uninterested in books. When I was learning to read I remember my mom reading me Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, by Bill Martin Jr. It was my favorite book when I was around the age of four, along with most of the Dr. Seuss books. A couple of my favorites from him were, Green Eggs and Ham, and The Cat and the Hat. I remember climbing into bed after a long days worth of playing to here a bed time story from either my mother or father. They would try to get me to pronounce the word out by myself before they would actually read it to…

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