Essay on The Major Events of the Novel True Grit, by Charles Portis.

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(1). The major events of the novel True Grit, by Charles Portis.

The first major event is the thing that leads to everything else in the novel. The cold blooded murder of the father of Mattie Ross by Tom Chaney, in Ft Smith, Arkansas.

The next major event is Mattie hiring US Marshall Rooster Cogburn to hunt down Chaney and bring him back to Ft Smith to hang for the murder of her father. As it turns out, just after she hired Rooster, a Texas Ranger shows up in Ft Smith, by the name of LaBoeuf, who is also on the trail of Chaney for the murder of a State Senator in Texas. He meets up with Rooster, and when the latter learns of the much larger reward being offered from people in Texas, he agrees to let LaBoeuf team up with he and
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One morning, Mattie goes down to a nearby creek to get some fresh water for washing. As she does so, she comes upon Chaney, watering the gang's horses. Mattie had been carrying her late father's large Colt Dragoon revolver in a flour sack, since the 3 had left on their quest to find Chaney. So here she was alone, with Chaney just a short distance away. He didn't recognize her at first but when he did, he didn't take her seriously, as she took the pistol out of the sack and pointed it at him, declaring that she was arresting him. She cocked the revolver and threatened to shoot him if he did not come along peacfully. The gun accidently went off, and the ball struck Chaney in the side, breaking a rib, but not causing anymore serious damage. As she tried to recock the gun to shoot him again, he ran over and grabbed her. The sound of the shot brought Ned and his gang down to the river from one side, and Rooster and LaBoeuf from the other. As shots were fired from both sides, none hitting anyone, the gang took Mattie prisoner and retreated up the side of the hill to their lair. Ned yells to Rooster that he will kill her unless he retreats and leaves he and his gang time to escape. Rooster agrees and he and the Texas Ranger ride away. Mattie thinks she has been abandoned by her 2 compatriots.
In the commotion at the river, the gang ended up being short of one horse. So they decide to leave Chaney

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