Essay about The Melting Of The Polar Ice Caps

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With all of these impacts caused by the melting of the polar ice caps, many scientists have proposed solutions to this problem. Most solutions revolve around decreasing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere due to it being the greatest impact of the melting ice. Most of the most plausible solutions revolve around changing the amount of fossil fuels people use for energy. As of the 21st century, coal and oil is the most used fuel for providing energy for lighting our homes and providing society with various modes of transportation. This fuel is very abundant and human civilization now has numerous ways to gather and utilize it. Now society has begun to understand the impacts of using this fuel in massive amounts. Many commonly proposed energy sources to curb carbon dioxide emissions include hydroelectric power, geothermal power, wind power, solar power, and biofuel. All of these energies produce much less CO2 than fossil fuels, but also have their own disadvantages (Akella et al 2008). Such an example would be wind power. Wind power can generate large amounts of every when placed near appropriate places such as coastal areas. If the United States were to place wind turbines along the entire east coast, there would be enough power from wind energy alone to power the east coast. The downside of wind turbines is their detrimental impact to migratory bird species (by running into the turbines) and loss of aesthetic value to the east coast. Another popular notion for…

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