The Problem Of Food Shortages Essay

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It is hard to imagine that about half food around the world is wasted in many different ways every year. The problem of food shortage bothers many people now. If people can reduce food waste, food shortage may be could be solved.
There are many causes of food waste, transportation losses, storage losses, daily life extravagance and unreasonable distribution. In order to cope with these problems, some solutions will be illustrated in this essay and there are some analyses and evaluations will be given to these solutions. There are necessary to Reduce transport loss, develop food storage and educate people to change their mind.
In 2012, the institutions of Lang, T and Rayner. G and FAO that In developing countries, especially some less-developed countries like Sub Saharan Africa and south-east Asia, wastage of food are really serious for irrigation. However, in many developed countries, consumerism, rich and mass marketing also results in wastage. Some methods were invented to protect food like canning, but food waste still very serious that people cannot ignore. For specific, wastage of fruit and vegetables are more seriously than grains because of they are easier deteriorating. War on Waste suggests that 46% of potatoes were not sent to retail store because potatoes were lost in storage and transportation. After people recognized this problem, finding some efficient ways to deal with the problem of food waste are necessary.
Transport loss is one of the significant parts of…

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