The Rise of the Politician-Comedian Essay

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The Rise of the Comedian-Politician
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The greatest religious and societal luminaries seem to repeat each other’s message time and again throughout history. Be kind to each other. Try to empathize with your enemy; see how you are like them, rather than how you are different. And why do we need these people to constantly repeat what their predecessors have already said? It is because the world constantly changes, and we must be aware of the context with which to apply ancient wisdom. Recently, there has been a new breed of professional that carries on this struggle for contextualized thinking: The comedian-politician. In the confusing and vitriolic era of today’s politics, comedian-politicians such as John Oliver
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In another instance of dirty politicking, Lee attacked his opposition, Tom Turnipseed, via malicious implication and rumor. Specifically, he let it be known that Turnipseed was of unsound mental health. To further pander to his racist constituency, Lee distributed fake surveys that associated Turnipseed with the NAACP. Other Machiavellian tools weren’t above Lee; he once planted a fake reporter in his press conference to bring up concerns about Turnipseed’s sanity. This “impartial third-party” bringing up the issue independently gave Lee the appearance of moderation and neutrality, as well as the impression that the issue was more talked about than it actually was. Lee took inflammatory rhetoric and reduction of context to a new level. It did not stop with Lee’s death in 1991. Karl Rove carried on Lee’s legacy with similarly vile tactics. He implied Hillary Clinton had brain damage, phrasing his words so that he could exercise deniability: “Thirty days in the hospital? And when she reappears she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.” Rumors of other underhanded tactics follow Rove like a cloud of foul cigarette smoke. He performed character assassination on incumbent Texan governor Ann Richards by implying she was gay. He destroyed a Supreme Court candidate’s viability by implying that he was a pedophile. Most famously, he ran a slanderous campaign against

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