The Vice of Lying Essay

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Don’t get me started on lies. We all have done it, but what really infuriates me are the obvious lies this generation of teenagers tell. For example, when girls claim that that is their hair, two minutes later they are running from an angry horse! No, that is not your hair. Stop lying to yourself. Either their weave looks stiff, without movement or their hair extensions look ratty, frizzy or they are simply not matched properly colour wise. What are you trying to look like? A bag of skittles?
Girls claim to be at the gym, posting tweets on twitter claiming that they are on their way to the gym and telling people how they are on a diet. So since when is kfc on the way to the gym? I walk past the shop and i think to myself ‘hey? I thought
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Or even worse, you look like chuckie.
Moving on swiftly, when girls lie and claim they are so interested in football, and act like they know the off side rule. No you don’t know the off side rule, and no its not when the player is not on side in the game. Stop trying to get the boys attention by pretending you even know what football is. Just go back to your dolly house and read a book. Get your education. Quit being a procrastinator. You are just making yourself look like a fool.
Now, the lies that guys tell, which are exasperating, are when they say, for example ‘hey babe, just sitting here thinking about how beautiful you are’. I am not stupid, do you guys not realise, that girls know you send those chat up lines to about five or ten other girls? How many girls are you attempting to indoctrinate into us chasing you. No. We are smarter than that because we discuss boys and their silly immature chat up lines. Like for example, i went out with my friends and the same guy who was texting me thirsty messages like ‘i want to make you my girl’ and ‘you’re the only one for me’, was the same guy who was also texting my friend saying the exact same phrases, as if i wouldn’t find out. Us girls, we do talk you know, the power we have to find things out, is amazing. Do not underestimate us, because we will find out.
Furthermore, when guys say ‘she’s just my

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